CNA Online Classes

Have you been thinking about becoming a CNA but just do not have enough extra personal time in your life to attend one of the many classes available. If so, you’ll be pleased to know that there are several online CNA courses which can help you attain your career goals at your own pace and convenience.

See also this interesting video about Certified Nursing Assistant Skills. This video is from CNA and CPR classes in Jacksonville, Florida, but your state might require slightly different skills so get well informed:

Please note that the video only shows a small segment of required Florida CNA Clinical Skills. If you want to see the entire Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) exam prep video or think about completing the online CNA Study program from Florida Training Academy, please go to The course costs just $49 and you’ll have access to their website for a full 90 days.

CNAs provide care for many kinds of patients in the health field. They work under the supervision of a qualified registered nurse who devises a plan of care which you’ll follow for each patient.

Becoming a CNA can be the start of a very rewarding and exciting career; many CNA’s continue their education to move upwards to become a licensed practical nurse or registered nurse. Keep in mind, however, that online study is not for everyone. You must be able to study independently and have well-rounded self-discipline skills.

CNA jobs are on the rise

The outlook for new CNA jobs is very promising indeed. They are expected to increase by 20% over the next decade, faster than many other occupations, according to the Department of Labor.

As baby boomers get older and the general population is living longer, more CNAs will be needed to work in hospitals, long-term care settings, and in-home care to take care of them.

Check the authenticity of online CNA classes

Although taking online CNA classes is much more convenient, a rule of thumb is always to check the authenticity of the course before enrolling; check for accreditation by contacting your state board of nursing.

It has been known from time to time for some online CNA classes to be scams, so do your homework carefully and research the programs before enrolling. A great feature of modern-day online instruction is visual presentation thanks to Mind Mapping and the development of Mind Mapping software.


Online CNA courses are most convenient for working people and busy stay at home parents. Classes can be accessed by way of a computer or moblie device from anywhere and at any time. Study on your lunch break at work or at home while your children are taking a nap or asleep for the night.

Getting your license

After completing an online CNA course, you can then apply to take your state board exam. Contact your local state board of nursing for the up to date information on licensure.

Once you’ve attained your CNA license, you’ll have to complete a certain amount of in-service credits every year to maintain your license and you’ll also have to put in a considerable amount of hours in a year. Contact your state board of nursing for information, since each state has different terms and policies.

Nursing School Students Today

Nursing students today come from a wide variety of backgrounds and there are a growing number of men in their ranks. Opening the doors successfully towards a fine nursing career has become so much easier thanks to online education and also the number of male nurses has seen a steady upward climb over the past 20 years. What was once a novelty of sorts, has now become a common occurrence. Male nursing students need not feel outside of their element any longer.

They have not only become accepted, but they are also very welcome additions to this career field. Nursing has over the past few decades managed to become known as a truly equal opportunity career.

In the 60s, and even for much of the 70s, men taking up the role of nursing students was extremely rare. This rarity began to change during the early to mid-80s as more men began to enter what could be called the elite ranks of nursing. The diversity of many of these individuals in nursing roles had begun to help change the public concept of what a nurse was.

Not only are there more men in this sector or group today, but you will also find a great many older nursing students. People tend to think of the word student as being synonymous with younger people in their late teens to their early twenties, but with nursing students, you will find a surprisingly large number of people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s.

These are people looking to change careers as well as those who are looking to begin school after an absence of many years. This group of older students is comprised of those people who have discovered how much opportunity there is today in the field of nursing, especially due to technological developments that enabled online learning.

With online nursing opportunities (click on the link for some great tips) being created regularly and flexible scheduling for individuals, many of the older nursing students are able to attend classes at their own pace. This is very helpful for those who have been away from a school setting for more than a few years. In more traditional college settings, you will not find as many older students in attendance.

The online nursing programs have been able to provide a solid platform that is able to open the doors of nursing for people who could not have attended arranged to attend the more traditional school settings. This has meant that they have been able to add more nursing students to the field.